About us

Founded by experienced risk managers, we are a new form of finance, using technology where appropriate to manage risk and cut costs for our investors.

We use techniques developed at leading hedge funds and investment banks and then refined and tailored to the small saver.

We are proudly aiming to be the lowest cost solution for savers large and small.

The Team

Dan Tammas-Hastings CFA FRM

Finance Geek turned FinTech Entrepreneur:

Asset Manager, Investor and Technologist - Dan developed the RiskSave methodology from first principles in response to inadequate risk measures dominating the industry. After a successful career as a Fixed Income trader where he managed multi-billion £ portfolios across credit and rates. He is a graduate of the LSE and University of Cambridge.

Simon Cullen FRM

With over a decade managing in the asset management industry, Simon has a clear understanding of how value is preserved in challenging times. A risk management specialist, Simon is a deep thinker on how technology can be used to tame hazards and open up opportunities. He attended Trinity College Dublin, where he earned a first class degree in mathematics and a masters in economics.

Faisal Sultan MBA

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence specialist. Faisal is an experienced and passionate engineer with degrees from both Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge. Faisal has experience at the blue-est of blue chips having managed projects at both BP and Google. Advisor and Risk Manager at Google, he is now CPO for RiskSave, and sits on the investment and risk committee.