What Does RiskSave do?

We aim to be the lowest cost financial guidance solution to investors large and small.

How do we do this?

We provide bespoke, globally-diversified portfolios designed for capital preservation as well as growth. To do this, we select the most liquid, lowest cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to provide exposure to major asset classes. In addition we choose individual securities where appropriate to save on ETF costs and provide fuller diversification and more targeted investment.

How is RiskSave different.

We offer a digital asset solution comprising funds and individual securities, we believe that by moving 'beyond ETFs' we can create more efficient portfolios with better risk-adjusted returns.

We also aim to be the lowest cost provider with a focus on risk management. Both of our founders are Certified Financial Risk Managers (FRMs) who ran multi-billion £ portfolios for traditional firms including Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and FMS. Risk Management is in the blood of the team and the firm itself

What does this means to you?

Simply put – money in your pocket. You can either save more or retire earlier. You decide!

Is RiskSave an Independent Company?

Yes, as an independent company, we are able to align our incentives with those of our customers. Our aim is to maximise the value for our clients. Other firms may be incentivised to invest your money in products which directly/indirectly benefit themselves and/or other subsidiaries.

Does RiskSave Offer Financial Advice or Tax Advice?

No, we are unable to give either financial or tax advice. We are a discretionary investment manager and our permissions do not extend to giving financial advice.

Is there a minimum account size?

We are committed to keeping overheads as low as possible and smaller balances would push up costs for everyone. Therefore we need to set a lower limit of £10,000 per customer that we can accept.

Can I Access My Portfolio at Any Time?

You have full access to your portfolio at all times. We allow all of our clients to view their investments and how they are performing at any given time. You can sign in to see your portfolio breakdown, your past performance, your recent transactions as well as any costs incurred. Your data is your property!