Exit Fees* - Enter Fairness

Financial advisory fees are too high; the level of fees in the industry seems outdated considering technology helps us manage portfolios more easily, and more efficiently, than ever before.

Currently the financial services industry takes a percentage of investor's assets, instead of a more fair fixed charge reflecting costs.

It's for this reason many financial firms prioritize working with the wealthiest clients.

RiskSave is the first Digital Asset Manager to offer our services free of charge.

Much research has demonstrated that keeping costs low is one way of improving returns in the long run. Using technology to keep our expenses low, we aim to be the cheapest investing solution available.

We ask you to support us with a small monthly payment - but this is completely optional.

RiskSave reinvents the industry with a simple premise: to treat everyone equally.

*This refers to our management fee and custody charges. When investing there will be an underlying fund cost. We work hard to keep this low and it currently averages 0.20%.

There will also be trading costs - these include both implicit (liquidity) and explicit (brokerage) charges.

We aim to work with the lowest cost providers and never accept commissions, whilst always looking for ways to cut costs further without compromising service.